Sometimes, when I can’t find something that fits my needs, I build tools for myself to use to fit those needs. Lately, I’ve been trying to build my usable, day-to-day vocabulary. I’ve been reading a lot lately and write down words that are beyond my comprehension. Words like circumspect, scant, and vehement are all words I don’t often use but can describe a particular circumstance quite accurately. And that, the ability to increase my/your vocabulary, is the goal of this tool.

Tool: Dictionary

What is it?

The Dictionary is a free comprehensive dictionary tool used to help build your vocabulary on a regular and repetitive basis. It offers easy-to-use tools to add any term or word to your dictionary with the ability to have it email you these words regularly for you to review and study. Over a period of time, these words will become second nature to you and will hopefully help build your vocabulary.


  • Register/Delete your account
  • Add words to your dictionary using an HTML editor (TinyMCE for those interested)
  • Edit/Delete words from your dictionary
  • Alphabetically sorted dictionary page listing all words in your dictionary
  • Categories for organizing and grouping your words into mini-dictionaries (I.e. if you read a new book, you can create a category for words you learn from that book)
  • Category to Word Management – a word can have as many categories as you wish
  • Auto-parse Google “define: word” definitions for easy adding of words to the dictionary
  • Daily, Every other day, Weekly, and Monthly Emails with any number of words from your dictionary randomly emailed to you
  • Comprehensive settings page allowing you to customize email frequency, whether you receive emails at all, and more
  • It’s free 🙂
  • Coming soon: functionality making it easier to add words :p. I cannot auto-query Google or they will ban my server :(, sorry.

Anyways, this post was more for an introduction to the application. If you find it helpful, have any suggestions, or find any bugs/errors in the application, please let me know. If you need help with it, please post a comment here and I will do my best to answer your questions.