As promised, I am going to fix up AssetLoader so it delivers all that it originally promised. As I have been using flex lately, I realize that the AssetLoader class is more valuable than I originally intended. Flex itself has some rather bloated but powerful loading mechanisms and yet still has various interfaces to load different media at run-time. This new AssetLoader will intend to solve these issues and continue to be the light-weight, production safe utility class as it has always been.

Planned Features:
1) Add Array as an accepted method of loading assets (solves inability to load duplicate media issues)
2) Add Video and fix Sound Loaders
3) Automate ASDocs documentation for up-to-date documentation
4) Distribute AssetLoader.swc as the supported library package

Anyways, like the title says, AssetLoader has a new home. And it’s at GoogleCode –

REMINDER: If you are using an AssetLoader below version 1.2, please sync up now so you have the most recent AssetLoader code. It truly is better than anything below 1.2.