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My First Adobe AIR App (a 3D Music Player)

This past semester (yes school is back), I had a chance to play around with Adobe AIR for my Human Computer Interaction term project. For the term project, I wanted to create a 3D Music Player, that allows you to travel around the room and basically control the sound. Pretty cool eh? Well download it for yourself and check it out.


The basic core of my 3D music player uses Papervision3D. I have been following Papervision3D for awhile now and wanted to give GreatWhite (v2 alpha) a try. This creates a 3D space for me to use sound. The sound itself is using HRTF, Human Related Transfer Functions, to project sound in 3D space. This mimics how audio behaves in free space without reflections, refractions, etc. Most of HRTF is covered within Papervision3D so I utilized that and added my own functionality.


The design of the player mostly came from my own vision of how this should look like. I was not only doing the 3D music player as the only function, I was also planning on doing 3D video with sound (as a bonus). I was pretty much short for time so I decided it would not be able to meet my bonus expectations. Also, the Joystick navigation system that I use, shown below, is inspired by Air Jordan XX3. Their website was created by Blast Radius I think, so they have plenty of talented artists to steal ideas from! Just kidding… You should read up on how they created that website if you have a chance, it is a very interesting read.

So if you wanna give it a look, here’s the download:


UPDATE [12/19/2009]

After reviewing this post, some of the comments indicated a desire for the source code. You can download the whole package from the following link: http://www.ayanray.com/downloads/air_3D_music_player_full

3D Sound Experiment in Flash

3D Sound Experiment in Flash

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