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Flash: Creating 1 FLV Video from many FLVs

Creating a single FLV from many FLV’s can be either very complicated or very simple. I wanted to choose the easiest way possible. I went onto a number of forums and a number of sites and just couldn’t find the right solution… until now.

On TxPress’s blog, I found a helpful app that joins multiple FLV videos into one video. The problem with this one (as well as the initial solution that I will present) is that the meta data is not updated for the new video. There are some pay programs that will do this for you automatically, but then again they aren’t open source and thus cost $$bling$$.

Anyway, I have come up with this nice little package that does the trick for you. It will merge as many videos as you want and provide a solution to update the meta data. Please download the following package and follow the “readme.txt” instructions to get it working. Have fun!

Download: FLVExtractPackage.zip

Further Notes

In this package, I have included ASM’s great little FLVExtract Application.  ASM is a developer here in Japan and I do not know him personally. I just came across his software in my search for a application that can combine FLV videos together. Check out his site, he has a lot of useful apps. They are all in Japanese though. Click Here to visit ASM’S website

The second part of this package is from Ingo Oppermann, a bright programmer who created an FLV Injector by the name of YAMDI (stands for “Yet another meta data injector”). Of course FLV Injector already exists (and in version 2), but this one has a better license (distributable) and can process larger FLV’S much quicker than FLV Injector. Check out Yamdi’s website here: Click Here to visit Yamdi’s website.

Anyway’s, I hope you find this package useful! Here is a video that I combined by using my FLVExtractPackage after using Media Pirate to download YouTube videos. I hope you like Seinfeld. Please let it load for a bit to view it 😉

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