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AS2: Subservient Chicken Tutorial

Last year, I created the source code to make Burger King’s Subservient Chicken for one of my class projects. It was a lot of fun and I am finally releasing the code on my blog. It was pretty easy, just take a look at the code.

Description of the Project

Super Fred AS2 creates a Burger King Subservient Chicken-style interface to control the actions of a video character on screen. It allows keyword String matches in AS2 and loading and queing of video files of the matched video that meets a certain video keyword criteria.

Step 1: Introduction

Okay, once again, I have lied. This is not really a tutorial. The code however is very well commented and I hope you can follow along very easily. I made this about 1.5 years ago so please don’t spam me if you can find a better way of doing it. I was newb then and I am n00b now =). But it doesn’t mean you can’t take the code 😉 and make it better.

Also note, that due to recent advances in AS3, I would highly recommend going with that route rather than using my older AS2 version. This demo is merely to show you how crappy I was 1.5 years ago lol… just kidding. Speaking from an AS3 point of view, you can use the same concepts applied within this package to create the same effect. It is still a good example for newcomers to Flash and I hope you find this useful if not entertaining.

In case you haven’t seen the subservient chicken website, go here and check it out first to know what you will be making: http://www.subservientchicken.com/

Download the Package Here:


Here is the completed project that earned me an A+:


Step 2: Taking the Videos

Taking and editing the videos is the hardest but most fun task for this project. You and a couple friends can get a video camera and tripod (from somewhere) and set it up in a nice open room. After that, go wild and make sure your character is always in the same spot at the beginning and the end by marking an X with tape where he/she will stand. The sky is the limit on this one and as you can see from Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, they really went wild.

Step 3: Using the AS2 File

Using the AS2 File is a piece of cake. All you need to do is setup the 2 arrays at frame 1 of subservientfred.fla. I think it’s self explanatory. Anyways, that’s it. Enjoy!


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