It has been a long time since I posted last, and there has been a lot that has happened. I find myself on the other side of the world simply lost in translation. I wish I could truly express fully how this month has been in words, but I will give it my best shot =)!

Anyway, I came here for work as I was looking for an international internship as I am still a student at Carleton University in Canada. I spent about 2 months looking for a job and I finally found one that was willing to hire a student abroad and sponsor my visa. I have to thank my loving girlfriend Chiaki, who resides in Japan, who helped me find this job. For those who want to follow in my footsteps, it is not impossible to do it yourself as jobs are always available in Tokyo for any IT experts. Be serious about your future and the opportunities will be vast.

As for my current situation, I am in love with this place. I am in a situation of limbo that is absolutely to die for. I make an honest months wage of YEN 200 000. I get to live in my boss’s mothers apartment, where unfortunately she is in the hospital with a broken bone. I eat dinner with his family every night and make my own breakfast and lunch, both of which I am accustomed to. I came here to be independent, but I find myself even more dependent. My boss’s wife is very kind and caring, as well as my boss. They sort of fill a void in my life because I was sort of deprived of a “open”, loving family. Of course I would not trade them for my own mom and dad, but it is pretty good to feel the other side of the spectrum. Both worlds have their problems nonetheless.

Once thing I have come to appreciate is the work ethic of Japanese people. At my office, they tend to come in around 9:30 am and leave at around 8:30 or later… If you cant do the math, that’s 11 hours! A normal working day in Canada is 7.5 hours with a 30 minute lunch. I admire this lack of questioning on how much time they spend at the office. Too serious sometimes…

Anyway, I have to study my Japanese now. I have learnt a lot this month, but I am nowhere near where I want to be. I have a constant dedication and conviction towards learning Japanese before I leave. For those of you who know me, once I set myself on something, I get it done. At least I can try my best. My japanese uncle has said that I should kanji first… make things easier for me in the long run… perhaps I will take him up on that offer.

Finally, if you have read this far, I appreciate it. Now here are some bloody images: