What can I say… the time is going by so fast. I have had this entire month to think about what my life could be in 10 years from now. I have really thought deeply about the problems of society, the many entanglements to digress our thinking to a point where thoughts will remain thoughtless and unprovocative. Perhaps I have had too much tea 😉

I booked my flight on Wednesday, 1 week in advance, with NorthWest Airlines. I knew I wasn’t going to get Air Canada ($4000 + ) and I was going to get a ($800 United Airlines) but they frequently overbook their flights and piss off their customers so I decided a little compromise was in order. The last few weeks have been too hectic for me to really worry about not even going.

I think the toughest part about moving to another country is the insurance. This is bologne with cheese when it comes to student’s having all the coverage they need! I have to find accident insurance that covers ALL the problems that could arise and pays first rather than YOU PAY and then they will conviently pay you back 1.5 years later. Tough world when you are dealing with numerous insurance scams that have 40 + pages of coverage and 1 sentence saying “you aren’t covered if…”. Like finding a needle in a haystack x the number of Insurance companies in the world.

Anyway, I will keep the world informed on my voyages. For this week, I have to finish up 2 clients, buy my supplies for Japan, pack, meet with all my chums, and plan how I will CHEAT jet lag. I have done it before 😉