Well it’s that time of the year again. Sleep deprived, food deprived, friends deprived… all at the cost for a few grades. The suffering doesn’t last, the grades do. Over the last couple days, I’ve had only 5 hours of sleep. On Saturday night, I stayed in the labs until 6 am and on Sunday night I stayed in the labs until 7 am. I had three major projects due and I finished two of them Sunday afternoon. What a great weekend *cough*


Because school is over, I had to do a Year in the Review for 2006.
This year has gone by really fast and here are some of my� accomplishments that I can be proud of:

1) Met my beautiful caring girlfriend and have been dating her for a year as of next Monday.

2) Accomplished an 11.67 GPA for Semester 1� and poorGPA for Semester 2.

3) Danced infront of thousands of people at the South Asian Association of Toronto show

4) Visited New York, Montreal, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima

5) Worked full-time for the first time at MITEL Networks for 16 weeks

6) Worked part-time in the government for the first time at CBSA (current)

7) Guaranteed a job in Japan for 2007 as a Flash Developer

8) BEGAN playing soccer in Winter 2006 and now playing Men’s Competitive 3 … scoring over 10 goals this summer as Midfielder for 1/4 the games, and striker as the� 3/4 of the games. Not bad for my first year!

9) Won 1st place at a Badminton doubles tournament with Chiaki (intermediate level)

10) Joined� two international organizations that will help forge my future

11) Learnt so much about: Product design (usability), communication skills (paper writing), MAYA (for movies and games), Japanese (writing), Flash, Webdesign (with BAJAI … learnt a lot from that… ), Business (Organizational Behaviour… and very little of it).

11) Had so much fun with all the great people in my life… you know who you are… I wouldn’t have been able to survive without em…

Theres a lot more to be thankful for and a lot more to come… so hopefully 2007 is as great as 2006. A lot can change… hopefully I can learn more people skills!!

Cheers to 2006