Hey everybody,

Been awhile since I posted something on my blog. It is nice to keep up with this but when you have no time it becomes increasingly difficult.

JAPAN PICTURES: http://www.ayanray.com/photos/

Japan was great. The culture and whole universe was just surreal. Chiaki”s parents were amazin, her family great, and very welcoming.

What I am up to currently:

Right now I am working on a website: http://www.styleclashclothing.com
AND working on my new version 2 ayanray.com -> which will be entirely in Flash. I got some sick ideas for this version… and well I think this might push my boundaries in Flash and web development. I still would rather goto grad school and perhaps become a professor but I am not 100% sure. Maybe Internet Law is the way to go? Guidance would be nice but the choice can be made in 2 years so I have a lot of time.


School is really strenuous this year. It just gets harder week after week. I am taking 3.0 credit load (equivalent to 6 classes) and so far 1.0 (Maya class) credits have NOT given homework. Imagine how bad it will be when he does =0.

New Job

I got a new job with Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). I am just waiting for my security clearance. It is not like job of the year but the people there are cool and the manager is really nice… so I took the job. At Mitel the managers would barely come to see me. Sure they were busy and sure they were great, but I want some sorta communication with my boss. Anyway, I will be working on a top secret project that involves Marine transportation methods from ports around the world ;). That”s all I can say or the government will get me.