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Month: October 2006

For all you soccer fans… or Osama fans

Today was my first day at CBSA, Canadian Border Services Agency. It was great. Met some new people, did some…

Future Inspirations

After much deliberation, I have made a temporary decision NOT to pursue internet law. Frankly, it could be interesting, it…


I’ve always been a fan of what the boys down in Cali are up to. 2Advanced is no exception. I’ve…

Michael Geist Presentation on Copyright Law and th

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to Dr. Michael Geist’s (G-EYE-ST) presentation on copyright law and the internet….

Job Opportunities

This gonna be a quick post but today I got a huge opportunity from a design firm in Tokyo, Japan!…

New Blog

Well this blog was in dire need of a remake and I finally had a little time to do it….

Japan Pictures

Hey everybody, Been awhile since I posted something on my blog. It is nice to keep up with this but…

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