Mitel Memories

It has been four months with Mitel and there are a lot of things I remember about it. It feels like I”m leaving something behind, feels like the day Chiaki went back to Japan, or the day I ended school or even started school. It feels the same but you know it will hit you tomorrow.

some of my fondest memories involve the World Cup. I remember talkin to Saurabh on MSN and talkin about hte 1min delay I had. He told me Japan scored against Brazil and I was jumpin for joy lol. I remember also watching the argentina game against Germany at the gym, running every minute they ran. After the game, like 20 people came out of the room in the back with the large TV.

Chapter 2 started with the Mitel Soccer team. During the world cup, they would tell me I could join but they had no space. Eventually when the cup was over, I got to join and my first game I played well. I got to know some of the guys on the team; never really knowing them all. The ones that I did get to talk to were all super nice and great to know kinda people. I played more often and trained even harder, not increasing my skills in the game. Eventually I started to relax and just do it… u know… and then I started to score goals =).

Chapter 3 is now… the exit month of August. time was just ticking away… slowly and steadily, day by day. I”m sad that I have to leave so early, when I couldn”t really build too many strong relationships. But I am happy to be on the soccer team coming up in Fall. That will be fun. At this time in my Mitel life, I was doing websites for two people and getting a lot hook ups like free phones and clothes. But those were just the perks of working hard. It has been stressful since I come home and work, and work at work of course. Not a lot of time talking to chiaki but she has been so busy with work. I am glad she is always the same sweet girl I know and love. I just got back from lunch with my managers whom are all very well respected directors/supervisors at Mitel. Some dont have Masters, 1 does… making me believe that education is perhaps not the only way to get to the top. I have this strong desire to get there and I still don”t know why…

Chapter 4 begins tomorrow with my 6:30 am flight. Infact, it begins now because work is almost over…